Equestrian Style: Tottie Ellie Endurance Jodhpurs Review 

This week, the lovely ladies at Tottie have sent me some of their amazing equestrian gear to try out.

Tottie is one of my all-time favourite equestrian brands . Their products are a winning combination of functionality, fashion and fun.

Today  I’m going to be reviewing Tottie’s Ellie Endurance Jodhpurs, which normally cost £39.99 and are now reduced to £29.99. Let’s  start with my first impressions.

Appearance: 5/5

The Ellie Endurance Jodhpurs are a classic Tottie product, balancing style and practicality. The jodhpurs are very flattering and their subtle palm leaf design is really attractive. On a practical note, their dark blue colour is ideal for hiding the dust and dirt that comes with riding and stable chores.


Comfort: 5/5

Described by Tottie as ‘riding tights’, the Ellie Endurance Jodhpurs don’t  have buttons or zips. As a result,  they are are extremely comfortable.

Moreover, the material is light, breathable and flexible enough to offer free movement while riding.

The jodhpurs feature inner knee patches, which gave my calves added comfort. I would definitely say that these jodhpurs are amongst some of the most comfortable that I own.


Fit: 5/5

My jodhpurs were a great fit. The stretchy material moulds to your body, ensuring both comfort and a flattering silhoutte.


Extras: 5/5

The Ellie Endurance Jodhpurs feature a small zipped pocket to the rear, which is ideal for storing your  keys and cash while out riding.

Accessories: 5/5

Aside from my lovely new jodhpurs, I also received some other  Tottie goodies to try out. I love my new Ampleforth Belt (£24.99). It is very stylish, combining quality leather with electric blue elastic panels. The leather gives the belt a luxurious  look, whilst the elastic makes it comfortable enough to wear on longer rides. The belt is ideal for  giving outfits an extra splash of colour and is also available in red.


I also tried out Tottie’s knee-length Pandora Riding Socks, which kept my feet wonderfully warm. The socks were nicely padded, providing comfort without bulk and they fit smoothly under my riding boots. For £11.99, you get two pairs of socks, one  pink and one blue.

2When I’m home in Yorkshire, I spend a lot of time hiking, as well as riding, and I’ll definitely be picking up a few more pairs of these socks in the near future.

The Verdict

I love the vivid colour and stylish design of Tottie products. Most of all, I love the  brand’s emphasis on comfort and performance. I feel that all 3 of the products featured in today’s review were value for money and I would definitely recommend them  to a friend.

You can find all of the products that I’ve reviewed here:

Jacket: https://harryhall.com/tottie-new-blouson-unisex-jacket-navy-blue

Jodhpurs: https://www.tottie.co.uk/catalogue/legwear/jodhpurs/ellie-endurance-jodhpurs/

Belt: https://harryhall.com/black-ampleforth-belt

Riding socks: https://harryhall.com/mixed-pandora-2-pack-sock-3-to-8


I would love to hear whether you’ve tried Tottie riding gear before and, if so, what did you think?

Danielle (and my handsome friend Duke!) xx


12 thoughts on “Equestrian Style: Tottie Ellie Endurance Jodhpurs Review 

  1. Interesting review the products look really modern and stylish. You say they are good value for money. Can you tell me the prices of the products or is it best to look on the website. I really like the riding tights.


  2. Have you been riding all your life? I’ve only ridden a couple of times (second time there were no health & safety considerations at all) but I absolutely loved it both times. You’re really making me want to find a good pony-trekking place nearby and see if I can’t get on one this weekend!

    Also Duke is a pro model. Look at that Blue Steel face.


    1. Hey Quinn, I used to ride when I was younger, but I didn’t do it for so long that last year I pretty much started from scratch again. If you’re interested in starting riding, you should go for it! It’s such a rewarding hobby and the horses are just amazing. If you start riding, I’d recommend making sure that you go to a good stable though, because it’s really easy to injure yourself if they don’t give you hats or body protectors (luckily I’ve not been injured yet. Touch wood!). And I know, Duke is such a poser isn’t he? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When I visited Cairo, I went for a pony trek around the pyramids and as I walked my pony along my twelve-year old guide asked me if I had any experience riding. I said that I’d been on a pony trek once and had only trotted before. He nodded with a very serious expression and then pulled his arm back and gave my pony a SMACK on the rump that sent it shooting out form under me and galloping across the sand; no helmet, no riding boots, no safety whatsoever. It was an AMAZING feeling but honestly, I was very ill-prepared for that level of riding.

        I’d like to get to galloping a more eductional way!


      2. Oh no, that sounds like a nightmare! I’ve been riding for a while now and I’ve only got up to cantering. I think I’d freak out if I was on top of a horse that I had no control of. That is a really funny. I’d make sure they give you the gear next time though! 😀 and you should learn! . It’s so exhilarating when they go fast (and you know how to stop them haha) xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah that was a concern at the time, I won’t lie. I did briefly wonder if my lovely pony would ever stop or if I would end up as a dusty pile of bones somewhere in the desert years from now.

        (She did stop eventually though)


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