‘Soaper’ Women On Campus: Meet Frankie 

For students Easter means two things; chocolate (which we love) and exam stress (which we don’t).

As Soap & Glory’s Digital Glambassador for the University of Edinburgh, this week I’ve been chatting with Frankie, a fourth-year Law and Spanish student, to find out how she’s acing her final semester.

My first question for Frankie was “how would you say uni is going right now?” She replied “Most of my deadlines are now over. I have a presentation on the 6th April, but I don’t feel too nervous (yet)!”

Not only has Frankie been acing assessment after assessment (you go girl!), but she’s also been keeping up her involvement in a wide range of student societies.

“I love music and performing”, Frankie told me.”I have two radio shows every Monday with FreshAir (the University of Edinburgh’s radio station).”

“I’m also a member of Licence to Trill, an all-girls group in the Edinburgh University Acappella Society and I recently took part in the play ‘Hotel Juarez’, organised by the Hispanics Department.”

As a final year student, I was interested to know what Frankie makes of her time at university. She told me ” I’ve loved trying out new things and I’ve made some amazing friends along the way. I have faced hard times and learnt many lessons, but everything I’ve been through has helped me grow as a person.”

What impresses me most about Frankie is her ambition, her commitment and her fun-loving attitude. It is true that the final year of university isn’t easy (and the weeks leading up to Easter are particularly challenging), but Frankie is a great example of how 4th-year can still be fun.

Graduation is on the horizon and my advice for my fellow finalists is this; work hard and keep on making time for  the things you love. With dedication, motivation and lots of fun, there’s still time to make your final year at university the best one yet!

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11 thoughts on “‘Soaper’ Women On Campus: Meet Frankie 

      1. He’s doing geology and in his second year now and picking out dissertation topics – not sure he’s looking forward to it! Keep us posted with how the rest of your year goes 🙂 xx

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      2. I just handed in my dissertation today! Tell him that it isn’t as bad as it seems. Handing in your finished dissertation is the best feeling ever haha xD good luck to him! And thanks Roxy, I shall ❤️😄

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  1. Wonderful post about your friend. First of all, you both should be PROUD that you are at such a fantastic University. Second, I know you will do well, because you’ve got this Blog on the side with many supporters cheering you on. My daughter is graduating from the University of Limerick this year. Like you, she is studying and focused on getting her projects done and graduating well. In America, we have a funny expression where we say, “Girl, YOU GOT THIS!” So, in the spirit of funny expressions, “YOU GO GIRLS!” Girl POWER. Oh… I am working on writing a children’s book. As you young women are striving for greatness, you might enjoy seeing this Blog called, “A Mighty Girl.” http://www.amightygirl.com Sorry didn’t know how to add a hyperlink in comments section. It’s all about empowering GIRLS! Keep Blogging, GOOD LUCK with exams!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. We’re so lucky to live in Edinburgh, it is a very special place. Good luck to your daughter. What is she studying? I long to visit Ireland, the countryside looks stunning. I’ll take a look, it sounds great! Have a great weekend. I look forward to reading your blog 😀 xx

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    1. I definitely agree with you! I just handed in my dissertation, so I can’t wait to have a nice weekend off 😍 I must say, I envy you your walks with Choppy, it is so much fun walking on the weekends with your dog ❤️

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